The CNC-controlled production grinding center EWAMATIC LINEAR for the manufacture of indexable inserts and rotationally symmetrical tools. Tailored to the individual needs of customers a variety of grinding operations can be performed in a single setup.

The EWAMATIC LINEAR is a high-precision grinding manufactures carbide, PCD or the superhard PKB, tools, indexable inserts and rotationally symmetrical tools. For a high autonomy of the CNC-controlled EWAMATIC LINEAR three criteria play an important role: • Automatic feeding. • Integrated dressing of grinding wheels. • dimensional measurement on the machine. The kinematics concept of EWAMATIC LINEAR is unique of its kind in a single clamping. up to six independent grinding spindles (star-shaped grinding spindle carrier), thus can be performed a plurality of grinding operations.


X-axis, cross travel mm:           360
Y-axis height adjustment mm:           240
Z-axis feed stroke mm:           240
Axis resolution mm:           0.0001
B-axis, swiveling range degrees:           ± 135
Axis resolution degrees:           0.0001
C-axis, the axis resolution degrees:            0.0001
Grinding head SK 2000 degrees:           -15 ... + 25
Grinding spindle drive kW:           7.5
Grinding wheel diameter max. mm:                    250