MFP 100

With the MFP 100, Mägerle AG Maschinenfabrik has expanded the MFP series with a particularly flexible grinding centre. The new grinding centre is characterised by its high working speed, quick tool change and its expandable tool changer.

Fully Automatic Complete Machining Of Complex Workpieces 

Mägerle has specially designed the MFP 100 for those markets where multi-face machining of heavy and complex workpieces in just a single clamping operation is demanded. With 50 kW spindle power and a generously designed working area, the new Mägerle grinding centre is ideally suited for processing turbine guide and rotor blades as well as heat shields for use in the aviation and energy industry. The Mägerle MFP 100 is supplied with a dual-axis NC combination as standard. The grinding centre can also be optionally upgraded to a tri-axis system.




Linear Axes
Max. Travel X 1,000 mm
Max. Travel Speed X 40,000 mm/min
Max. Travel Y 900 mm
Max. Travel Speed Y 30,000 mm/min
Max. Travel Z 750 mm
Max. Travel Speed Z 30,000 mm/min
Spindle Drive
Max. Spindle Power 50 kW
Max. Number of Revolutions  10,000/ min
Max. Grinding Wheel Diameter 300 mm
Max. Grinding Wheel Width 100 mm
Swiveling Axes 
Swiveling Range A 210°
Swiveling Range B 360°
Swiveling Range C 360°
Workpiece Data
Table Size 1,000 x 750 mm