CUT AM 500

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The universal AgieCharmilles CUT AM 500—based on GF Machining Solutions’ more than 65 years of legendary EDM expertise—makes a significant contribution to the AM process: It is a fast, precise, affordable and Automation-ready alternative to using standard EDM or a band saw to separate additively manufactured parts from the build plate. The CUT AM 500 is the perfect complement to GF Machining Solutions’ and 3D Systems’ scalable, workflow-optimized DMP Factory 500 and DMP Flex/Factory 350 3D metal printing solutions.

Unique EDM Seperation of AM Parts

  • Keep part integrity
  • Fast seperation process
  • Low running cost
  • Automation ready



Main Specifications
Dimension of the part* (base plate + parts) 510 x 510 x 510 mm
Max. weight (base plate + parts) 500 kg
Wire diameter 0.2 mm 
Max. cutting speed 500 x 500 x 500 mm
Accuracy 280 mm2/min
Roughness (Ra) <6µm