In comparison with HELICHECK PRO, HELICHECK PLUS also enables the high-precision measurement of micro tools with diameters from 0.1 mm. Even the smallest details are visible and measurable thanks to the special reflected light unit and the diffusor. All the advantages of HELICHECK PRO are naturally also present in this optical CNC measuring machine. The linear measurement deviation in accordance with VDI/VDE 2617 is E1 = (1.4 + L/300)µm.


Technical Data

Base    Solid granite base
Connected load at 230 V/50 Hz: 2kVA
Pneumatic supply: Min. 6 bar
Weight: Approx. 2,500 kg
Optical system  
Four permanently installed CCD cameras: 2 transmitted light cameras (silhouette cameras), front light camera, top light camera
Plus: Reflected light unit and diffuser
LED segment light: For top light and front light

Light bars from side and background (door)

Additional LED
Length deviation E1- Value: E1 = (1.4 + L/300 mm) µm
Repeatability: ≤ 1 µm
Position resolution for linear axes X, Y, Z : 0,004 µm
Position resolution rotation axis A: < 0,00036 degrees
Measuring resolution values: 0.25 µm
Transmitted light camera 1: 50x
Transmitted light camera 2: 400x
Front light camera: 400x
Top light camera: 400x
Standard software included in delivery: Quick-Check Modular including Quick-Check Order Management
  Teach-In Mode
  Easy Check
  Team Viewer (remote maintenance)


Tool Data

Max. diameter 200 mm
Min. diameter: 0.1 mm for outer contour measurement (smaller successfully tested, but must be checked individually
Diameter (calliper gauge principle): 110 mm
Max.length: 300 mm
Max. weight: 25 kg