Like its sister systems in the MFP series, the Mägerle Grinding Center delivers superb results for creep feed grinding with high removal capacities as well as for profile and flat grinding.

Maximum Productivity In Batch Production

In its swivelling table version, the MGC is also designed with the maximum ejection capacity. The 180° swivelling table allows loading and unloading of workpieces while machining is in operation. Non-productive times for workpiece change are thus largely eliminated. This results in maximum productivity for small and large batches, as well as in special applications. The MGC with swivelling table, in conjunction with the automatic loading and unloading system, frees up additional reserves. The openly accessible swivelling table also provides the ideal interface.



longitudinal stroke mm 800 ... 3300
Travel speed mm/min 0...20000
vertical stroke mm 450 ... 1200
Travel speed mm/min 0...10000*
transverse stroke mm 350 ... 750
Travel speed mm/min 0...10000*
V-axis profile crushing device, roll width, max. mm 167 ... 307
Roll diameter max. mm 160
Roll drive AC drive max. min-1 6000
Grinding spindle drive - power kW 25/50/75/115**
Rpm range 5000 (8000) rpm 5000 (8000)
Grinding wheel peripheral speed m/s 35
- with key-operated switch switchable m/s 50
- with additional flange monitoring switchable up to m/s 63
Grinding wheels - diameter mm 400 ... 600
Grinding wheels - width mm 160 ... 300
Swivelling table +/- 180° with 2 clamping surfaces mm 760...1150 x 325...600
  * optionally m/min 20
** max. spindle power is dependent on size    
(Subject to technical modifications)