SwissNano 4

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The SwissNano range is designed to meet the demand for small parts requiring very high precision. The kinematics of the machine enable it to produce the majority of turned parts of a watch movement, from the simplest to the most complex, including cutting, with excellent finishes. Its capability extends beyond horological applications to include the medical, dental and connectivity business sectors, and any type of part requiring extreme quality and precision.

The Micro- and Nano- Precision Specialist 

The kinematics of the SwissNano are specially designed to produce small parts with high precision requirements. The symmetrical structure of the frame provides the machine with excellent rigidity, enablingit to achieve superior finishes.

The SwissNano 4 is the ideal partner for producing parts up to 28 mm long and 4 mm in diameter.



Technical Specifications 
Bar Capacity  4-16 mm
Max. Part Length 40 mm
Max. Remnant Length 70 mm
Barrel Indexing Time 0.40 sec
Max. Spindle Speed 8000 rpm
Spindle Output 5.60 kW
Spindle Torque 7.5/10.2 Nm
Counter Spindle Max. Speed 8000 rpm
Counter Spindle Motor Output  5.00 kW
Counter Spindle Motor Torque 8.00/10.00 Nm
Spindle Z Stroke 50 mm
Counter Spindle Z Stroke  150 mm
Number of Linear Axes 15
Number of Y Axes 1 (option)
Number of Rotating Axes (C Axis) 6+1 (option)
Number of Cross Slides for Main Operation 5+1 (cutting)
X Stroke of Cross Slides for Main Operation 40 mm
X Stroke of Cross Slides for Main Operation with Y Axis 55 
Y Stroke of The Transverse Slide for Main Opperation  30 mm
X Stroke of Cross Slides for Back Operation  75 mm
Z Stroke of Corss Slides for Back Operation 150 mm
Max. Number of Tools  
Max. Number of Tools for Back Operation  
Max. Number of Rotating Tools for Back Operation  
Spindle Cooling  
Cutting Oil Filtration  
Oil Tank Capacity  
Standard Cutting Oil Pump                -Outlet Pressure                               -Flow Rate  
High-Pressure Pump (Options)         a) Outlet Pressure                                Flow Rate                                  b) Outlet Pressure                                 Flow Rate  
Max. Length  
Max. Width  
Max. Height  
Installed Power   
Numerical Control   
Programming System