AgieCharmilles CUT 1000

GF Machining Solutions’ new AgieCharmilles CUT 1000, specifically designed to meet these demands, offers unique features in terms of precision and productivity, and perfect predictability and repeatability of machining results. This wire cut machine is a benchmark in micro erosion.

AgieCharmilles CUT 1000 designed for outstanding accuracy

Due to an exclusive machine design concept, the AgieCharmilles CUT 1000 meets highly demanding requirements in terms of positioning accuracy, shape and detail accuracy. These results are possible thanks to the development of an innovative machine tool design based on a monoblock framework with separated X and Y axes, and through the static and dynamic analysis of the behavior of the machine tool with the Finite Element Method.

  • Mechanical concept dedicated  to high precision
  • Exclusive wire guide system,  compatible with any wire diameter
  • Exclusive automatic wire changer
  • IvU Advance for measurement directly on the machine
  • Threading-expert for easy threading even under difficult conditions


X, Y, Z travel 8.661 x 6.299 x 3.937 in
Working range
U, V travel ± 1.575 in
Workpiece and electrode
Workpiece dimensions (W x D x H) 11.811 x 7.874 x 3.15 in
Max. workpiece weight 77.16 lb
  3 / 3.15 ° / in
Wire circuit
Available wire diameters (Standard) 0.0 – 0.008 (0.0 – 0.0) in
Permissible weights and types of spools (ISO) 4.41 x 17.64 lb