LASER S 1000 U

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Aligned with GF Machining Solutions’ vision of the smart factory of the future, our Laser texturing technology helps you overcome your daily manufacturing challenges while allowing you to innovate without compromise, speed up your time to market, and reduce your environmental impact.

A highly efficient, fully digital, all-in-one Laser texturing solution conceived to help you achieve the desired texturing quality without compromising productivity.Use the full potential of GF Machining Solutions’ latest generation Laser texturing innovation to stay ahead of your competitors. GF Machining Solutions’ LASER S series, is setting a new milestone and making it possible to execute challenging product designs at a maximum quality and productivity. Our latest-generation Laser texturing solutions, LASER S series will empower designers to perfectly apply their designs to challenging surfaces and enable manufacturers to execute innovative graining into complex 3D shapes while controlling quality and cost per part, reducing lead time and machining time.

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Machine Specifications 
Machine dimensions 2240 x 2678 x 2645 mm
Space required for installation 3400 x 4000 mm
Machine weight 6500 kg
Focal length FSTC100 / FS163 / FS255 Type
Ytterbium fiber laser 30 / 50 / 100 W
Electrical and Pneumatic Supply
Nominal power 8 kVA
Air pressure 6 bar
Required air output flow 300
Axis and Table
X, Y, Z travels 1000 x 550 x 880 mm
Distance floor to table 925 mm 
Working Area
Max workpiece machining cylinder Ø660** mm
Max workpiece machining height 850**mm
Max workpiece weight 150 kg
Full five-axis dimentions  Ø510 x 480** mm