FORM E 350

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For general mold and die, as well as specific industry segments like aerospace and aeronautics, automotive, and information and communications technology, the new die-sinking EDM AgieCharmilles machines offer success-enabling features and excellent performance. The machines’ generator and all the available features in the standard configuration make the AgieCharmilles FORM E machines comprehensive partners in customers’ production chains.

Best Value for Your Investment 

  • Two-in-one Solution: Switch easily between die sinking and hole drilling while maintaning performance, quality & accuracy. 
  • Higher Productivity: Optomize your production through the intergrated rotary tool changer, linear tool changer, or by adding an entry-level System 3R robot.
  • Better Accessibility: Reduce cycle time normally spent accessing the work area to drain the tray.
  • Automatic Dielectric: Increase your machining time while reducing human intervention.



Main Specifications
X, Y, Z Travel 350x250x250 mm
Machine dementions WxDxH 1000x1731x2372 mm
Working Range
Measurement resolution 0.1µm
Workpiece and Electrode
Workpiece dimentions WxDxH 800x550x265 mm
Max. electrode weight 50kg
Max. Workpiece weight  
Dielectric System
Reservoir Capacity 270I
Standard machining current 80A
Best surface finish Ra 0.1µm