DMP Factory 500

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The DMP Factory 500 is a workflow-optimized metal 3D printing solution for massive scalability, repeatable high quality parts, high throughput and low TCO, producing parts of up to 500 x 500 x 500 mm in size.

Engineered using 3D Systems’ proven precision metal additive technology, along with GF Machining Solutions’ technical and industrial knowledge, and the precision System 3R clamping systems, the DMP Factory 500 solution is a fully integrated, streamlined metal AM platform.


Main Specification
Laser Power Type 3x500/Fiber laser
Laser Wave Length 1070mm
Layer Thickness, Range, Preset

Adjustable, minimum 2µ - maximum 200µm;

Typ. 30-60-90 µm

Build Envelope 500x500x500mm
Material Deposition Tube (silicon)
Repeatability X, Y, Z: 20µm
Minimum Feature Size 100 µm
Typical Accuracy +/- 0.1 - 0.2% with +/- 50µm minimum
Metal Powders Nickel Alloys (others available upon request)
Space Requirements
Printer Footprint (WxDxH) 3010x2290x2820mm
Weigth Uncrated + Powder 8000kg
Available Modules & Footprints
Powder Management Module Footprint 4050x2450x3000mm
Parking Module Footprint 1450x1780x1850mm
Removable Print Module Footprint 1120x850x1400mm
Transport Module Footprint 850x1810x1400mm