Grinding complex geometries on rotationally symmetrical tools, in the growth market of small to the smallest diameter, is the core capability of the HELITRONIC MICRO. High mechanical process stability and sophisticated kinematics, with five interpolation axes and two positioning axes, ensure excellent grinding results in production or regrinding.

The HELITRONIC MICRO from the HELITRONIC family produces and sharpens rotationally symmetrical tools and production parts with smaller diameters. From 0.1 mm diameter in production, from 3 mm diameter when resharpening, maximum diameter 12.7 mm, tool length up to 120 mm, maximum weight up to 12 kg.


Mechanical axes

X axis 385 mm
Y axis 320 mm
Z axis 320 mm
X` axis 110 mm
Rapid traverse speed X, Y, Z    max. 30 m/min
C axis ± 200 °
A axis 1.000 rpm
B axis ± 140 °
Linear resolution 0,0001 mm
Radial resolution 0,0001 °


Grinding spindle drive

Max. grinding wheel diameter       150 mm
Grinding spindle speed 0 – 10,500 rpm



Weight of machine including coolant system             approx. 6,000 kg
Power consumption at 400 V/50 Hz approx. 25 kVA
Control FANUC