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The ML-5 is industry’s leading ultrafast laser micromachining platform, combining exceptional part handing, motion control and real-time positional feedback to deliver perfect micro holes and other features in seconds. Femtosecond Laser makes it possible to machine a wide range of materials producing with no tool wear, and no-heat affected zone, which enables ultrahigh surface and edge quality.

New Horizons For Small Part Machining

  • Precision machining
  • Customize your machine
  • Boost your productivity 
  • Unmatched Accuracy


Main Specifications
Machine dimension (w x d x h) 2860 x 2100 x 2710* mm
Mahcine weight 2730 kg
X, Y, Z travel 280 x 350 x 260 mm
Rotary 4/5 axis A +95°-125° / C 360 °
LAser sources 20 / 40 W