SwissGT 13

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The Swiss GT 13 is equipped with three motors (two on the platten and one for counter operation) to drive numerous rotating tools. A modular position is available to accommodate the addition of advanced tooling. The rotating tool holders on the rear platten and the counter operation station are easily exchangeable and compatible with the Swiss GT 26 and the Swiss GT 32.

Productive and flexible, the Swiss GT 13 brings every type of machining within your range.

Reliable, flexible and easy to use, the Swiss GT range helps you to substantially increase your productivity. The advanced technical features and six-axis kinematics of the Swiss GT make it ideal for all your manufacturing challenges.



General Specifications 
Max. Width 2170 mm
Max. Length 1140 mm
Height 1890 mm
Weight 2800 kg
Cutting Oil Tray Capacity  200 l
Coolant Pump Power  0.44 kW
Main Spindle 
Max. Bar Capacity  10 (13) mm
Standard worpiece length with rotating guide bush  190 mm
spindle rotation speed 0-15,000 rpm
spindle Power 4.0 (5.0) kW
Max. torque 12 Nm