SwissDECO 26

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SwissDECO machines are designed to provide exceptional operating flexibility, while remaining extraordinarily user-friendly. The SwissDECO range distills more than 100 years of experience into a single machine: More than simply a machine range, this is Tornos’ vision of the future of bar turning.

With the SwissDECO, Tornos has created the ideal bar turning machine with the fewest possible constraints: It is cost-effective on simple parts and allows users to easily produce even the most complex parts. Each detail has been analyzed to make the machine as ergonomic and easy to use as possible. 

A Range Of Machines Finely Tuned To Suit Your Needs 

The SwissDECO 26 and its 25.4 mm liquid-cooled spindles can reach 10,000 rpm in a few tenths of a second; the spindles are identical for main and secondary operation and therefore have the same characteristics. With a clamping force of 14,000 N, the spindles provide torque of 27 Nm. These spindles also guarantee dynamism in addition to power. They are equipped with ceramic bearings to guarantee thermal stability, precision and durability, even with high loads.




General Specifications 
Max. Width 1600 mm
Max. Length 3000 mm
Height 2000 mm
Spindle Height 1190 mm
Weight 5900 kg
Main Spindle (Z1/S1/C1)
Max. Bar Capacity (without) 23 (25.4) mm
Max. Bar Capacity with Guide Bush 25.4 mm
Standard worpiece length without guide bush (maxi 3xD) 48 (75) mm
Standard worpiece length with rotating guide bush  (frontal ejection) long part option: 600 mm 300 (200) mm
Total number of tools 57 Nbr/max.
spindle rotation speed 10,000 rpm
spindle output 12 kW
Max. torque 27 Nm
Drilling Capacity (9SMnPb36) Ø 14 mm
Tapping capacity  M12