Agie Charmilles CUT 2000 X

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The highly accurate CUT 2000 X, CUT 2000 X OilTech and CUT 3000 X take wirecutting EDM to the extreme, thanks to expert and dedicated machine testing on our production site.


Accuracy without compromise

Extreme precision to reach extraordinary pitch and positioning accuracy
Across a wide variety of industrial applications, manufacturers are under heavy pressure to repeatedly — sometimes over thousands of iterations —machine highly complex components at the highest level of precision. As your manufacturing demands become more extreme, the CUT 2000 X, CUT 2000 X OilTech and CUT 3000 X take highly accurate wirecutting to a new extreme by eliminating pitch and positioning errors that can result in rejected parts, higher production costs, damage your brand, and jeopardize your ISO certifications. The result : No compromises in your quest to consistently achieve ± 1.5 μm pitch accuracy over 340 mm x 240 mm (460 mm by 320 mm for CUT 3000 X size), and M-shape form accuracy of ± 1.5 μm. Our high assembly standards and specific calibration tests on our production site are as extreme as the demands you face every day.

Extreme accuracy — at your fingertips

Exclusive Automatic Wire Changer (AWC) two-wire spool allows you to use larger diameter wire or premium wires for the main cut and then automatically switch to smaller wire for the finishing cut. You will benefit from huge increases in cutting speeds. Plus, your productivity is boosted by fast and reliable wire threading combined with simple and dependable wire disposal, thanks to the integrated wire chopper.

Highest flexibility to insert urgent machining jobs, thanks to the onboard Job Management System.

Perfect wire threading, even under the most difficult conditions, with the THREADING-EXPERT : a retractable device driving the wire from the upper guide to the start hole (upper surface). This solution is available in various configurations.

The Integrated Vision Unit (IVU Advance), with an embeddedcharge-coupled device (CCD) camera linked to a backlight installed on the lower arm of the machine allows pre-setting, offers in-process local measurements and scanning of the machined contour. This ensures 100 percent quality results.



Main specifications
Travel X, Y, Z 350 x 250 x 256 mm
Travel U, V ± 70 mm
Max. part dimensions 750 x 550 x 250 mm
Max. part weight 200 kg
Max. part weight 30/100 °/mm
Wire diameters 0.10 – 0.30
0.05 – 0.07 mm
Wire spool 25kg