With table diameters of up to 2.5 metres and a maximum load bearing capacity of 12 tons, the MGC rotary table grinding centre is unequalled throughout the world. Well-known companies in the power turbine industry rely on this powerful concept. This grinding centre is unrivalled particularly when it comes to machining turbine blades with Hirth gears and Curvic couplings of the highest quality.

First-Class Results For Hirth Gears & Curvic Couplings

The direct-drive rotary table mounted on hydrostatic bearings ensures the necessary precision, with a positioning accuracy of less than three angular seconds.



longitudinal stroke mm 1400 ... 2600
Travel speed mm/min 0...20000
vertical stroke mm 450/650/900/1200
Travel speed mm/min 0...10000*
transverse stroke mm 500 ... 750
Travel speed mm/min 0...10000*
V-axis profile crushing device, roll width, max. mm/min 167 ... 307
Roll diameter max. mm 160
Roll drive AC drive max. rpm  6000
Grinding spindle drive - power kW 50/75/115**
Rpm range rpm  5000 (8000)
Grinding wheel peripheral speed m/s 35
- with key-operated switch switchable to m/s 50
- with additional flange monitoring switchable up to m/s 63
Grinding wheels - diameter mm 400 ... 600
Grinding wheels - width mm 160 ... 300
Rotary table-Ø mm 800 ... 2500
  * optionally m/min 20
** max. spindle power is dependent on size    
(Subjet to technical modifications)