Are you looking for a grinding solution for the production of large lot sizes or batch production? Then the PROFIMAT RT could be the right machine for you. This highly efficient production machine with a travelling column design is equipped with a rotary indexing table. This enables workpiece handling in parallel with the primary processing time, i.e. continuous, simultaneous loading and unloading during the grinding process. Low setup costs combined with high efficiency and the possibility of simple adaptation of automatic workpiece change systems set benchmarks in modern and cost-effective production.

For Large Batch Sizes And Series Production

With a maximum spindle power of 60 kW and a cutting speed of up to 170 m/s, the RT is ideally suited for both conventional grinding and for CD, IPD and all CBN grinding processes. 



Linear Axes
Max. Travel X 1,000 mm
Max. Travel Speed X 20,000 mm/min
Max. Travel Y 800 mm
Max. Travel Speed Y 3,750 mm/min
Max. Travel Z 320 mm
Max. Travel Speed Z 4,000 mm/min
Spindle Drive
Max. Spindle Power 62 kW
Max. Number of Revolutions  8,000/ min
Max. Grinding Wheel Diameter 500 mm
Max. Grinding Wheel Width 160 mm
Workpiece Data
Rotary Table Diameter 1,000 mm