The J600 offers a host of potential applications - from individual component production through to small batch production in all industries. With its grinding range of 300 x 600 mm, the J600 realizes its full potential particularly when grinding demanding applications in tool and die making.

This Machine offers a unique ease of use. The double sliding door to the work area and additional maintenance doors guarantee optimal handling and cleaning of the machine.

From Single Parts To Small Series Production

The J600 opens up new potential applications through its Polygon grinding software add-on.

  • All important elements are made from gray cast iron
  • Proven cross-slide design
  • X-axis with hydrodynamic EasySlide guideway
  • Additional electronic handwheel in the area of the
  • work area door for the X, Y and Z-axis
  • Polygon grinding
  • Head-mounted dresser PA-K37



Grinding Range 300 x 600 mm
Magnetic Chuck 300 x 600 mm
Table Clamping Area w/Auxiliary Surface 300 x 1.000 mm
Distance Table to Spindle Center 130...500 mm
Table Load w/Magnetic Chuck, Max. 400 kg
Table Height Above Floor 925 mm
X-Axis, Longitudinal Travel, Max.                       Feed Rate 700 mm                   30...50.000 mm/min
Y- Axis Wheel Head Vertical Travel, Max.                Feed Rate 450 mm                      4...3.750 mm/min
Z-Axis, Saddle Cross Travel, Max.                     Feed Rate 345mm                       4...4.000 mm/min
Grinding Spindle Drive, Variable Speed, AC Motor 8,5/1.500 kW/rpm
Speed, Max.  5.000 1/min
Grinding Wheel (d x w x bore) 150...300 x 14...50 x 76,2
Dimensions Width                                        Depth, incl electrical cabinet, w/o operator panel    Height       3.360 mm                          2.410 mm                          2.500 mm 
Weight, Incl. Electrical Cabinet 4.500 kg
Short Stroke Reciprocating (no. strokes per time) 330/min at 15mm length of stroke