The standardised Mägerle modular concept can be freely configured to provide individual solutions. Grinding centres which are completely tailored to specific customer requirements are developed within the scope of a proven product range. Single and multiple spindle systems with a horizontal or vertical arrangement can be combined as desired with stationary workpiece carriers, swivelling table or rotary table, in any dimensions.

Tailor-Made Grinding Centers For User-Specific Requirements 

The result in all cases is a made-to-measure tool which fulfils the high requirements on manufacturing quality in the automotive, aviation and hydraulic sectors, in turbine construction and mechanical engineering, as well as in the roller bearing and tool industry, with optimal cost effectiveness.



Linear Axes
Max. Travel X 5,500 mm
Max. Travel Speed X 20,000 mm/min
Max. Travel Y 1,200 mm
Max. Travel Speed Y 30,000 mm/min
Max. Travel Z 900 mm
Max. Travel Speed Z 20,000 mm/min
Spindle Drive
Max. Spindle Power 115 kW
Max. Number of Revolutions  30,000/ min
Max. Grinding Wheel Diameter 1150 mm
Max. Grinding Wheel Width 300 mm
Swiveling Axes 
Swiveling Range A 210°
Swiveling Range B 360°
Swiveling Range C 360°
Workpiece Data
Rotary Table Diameter 2,500 mm