With the MFP series, Mägerle comprehensively covers the requirements for flat and profile grinding machines. These machines specialise in creep feed grinding as well as profile and flat grinding operations using the pendulum method. They demonstrate their full performance potential in applications where workpieces must be produced in large batches and with high stock removal volumes in the customary high Mägerle precision. Thanks to their robust construction, the machines in the MFP series also master these requirements in hard 24/7 continuous operation. The Mägerle MFP series has a modular design. Table lengths and vertical strokes across a large range can be freely combined with different additional axes and special components.

The Long-Distance Machine

This flexible modular system enables diverse machine configurations, which are precisely geared to the specific user requirements.



longitudinal stroke mm 800 ... 2600
Travel speed mm/min 0...30000
vertical stroke mm 450 ... 750
Travel speed mm/min 0...10000*
transverse stroke mm 350 ... 900
Travel speed mm/min 0...10000*
V-axis profile crushing device, roll width, max. mm 167 ...307
Roll diameter max. mm 160
Roll drive AC drive max. rpm  6000
Grinding spindle drive - power kW 25/50/75/115**
Rpm range rpm 5000 (8000)
Grinding wheel peripheral speed m/s 35
- with key-operated switch switchable to m/s 50
- with additional flange monitoring switchable up to m/s 63
Grinding wheels - diameter mm 400 ... 600
Grinding wheels - width mm 160 ... 300
  * optionally m/min 20
** max. spindle power is dependent on size