RS 15

The RS 15 is a manual precision tool grinder which enables the economic production, machining of polycrystalline diamond and carbide tools, to superhard PKD / PCBn and other tools and the resharpening of rotary cutting tools and inserts HSS.

Thanks to the sophisticated kinematics convex radii and tangents, up to 27 ° or constant profiles are cut with constant, variable clearance angles.
The constant contact pressure is adapted to the removal volumes and allows economical grinding of superhard material.

Advantages Convincing:

  • Considerable increase in productivity is achieved because tools can be measured directly on the machine by means of projector hooping.
  • RS 15 is Grant for highest accuracy and long life, through the rugged and vibration-free construction.
  • The measuring and grinding in one clamping a huge form accuracy and production increase is made possible.
  • Increased productivity is achieved by direct measurement on the machine in combination with projector and digital display.
  • Various accessories, grinding capable of convex and concave radii, spherical surfaces, frequent surface grinding on deep hole drills, etc.


Grinding spindle drive, three-phase motor kW (min-1):   2.2
Speed range 1 / min: 1000 ... 6000
X-axis, cross travel mm: 490
Adjustable speed min-1: 100-1300
102 mm / 25 kg: 155x205
102 mm / 25 kg: 60
102 mm / 25 kg: 130
Y-axis grinding stroke vertical, straight mm:  
Z-axis feed stroke horizontal mm: 120
Workpiece pivot axis A grade: -10 ... +27
Workpiece spindle axis B grade: 240
Cross slide mm U: 100
Cross slide mm W: 100