450 DUO

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With the "dynamic axis compensation" in X/Y/Z, the two
spindles are synchronized. Compensation of spindle displacement
brings the accuracy of the single-spindle machine to the
DUO machine. In combination with the temperature compensation
from the machine to the workpiece, the SPECHT® DUO
is the most accurate dual spindle machine of its class. The fast
"Dynamic Disc" tool magazine ensures minimal idle times.
The choice of gantry, frontal or manual loading provides for
additional high flexibility.

The SPECHT® 450 DUO, is especially qualified for machining
of cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, housings and similar medium-sized components.

Double productivity without compromise 


Advantages of the SPECHT® DUO machines

  • Large distances between the spindles for machining large
  • HSK-A63 motor spindle with speeds up to 18 000 rpm
  • HSK-A100 motor spindle with up to 378 Nm / 38 kW
  • Fast tool magazine (L chain + 2 discs) with high capacity
    (112 usable tool spaces)
  • Chain magazine allows fitting on ground level without
    a podest
  • Unique chip-to-chip time of less than 2.5 seconds on
    the SPECHT® 450 DUO
  • Smallest surface area requirement due to compact design
    -only 11.2 m² for the SPECHT® 450 DUO
  • Portal, frontal or manual loading possible
  • Worldwide unique „dynamic axis compensation“ (X/Y/Z)
    brings the precision of the single-spindle machine to the
    DUO machine
  • Wet processing to meet technological requirements possible
    just as 2-channel minimal quantity lubrication with highly
    precise dosing for environmentally friendly production
  • Steep walls in the machine bed and chip tray ensure very
    good chip discharge in MQL machining
  • Workpiece clamping with zero point clamping system or
    adapter plates – reduction of clamping elements, permanently high accuracy and fast changeover



Machine Type                                        SPECHT 450 DUO
Axis Drive 

Ball Screw|Linear Motor

Linear Axes
Spindle Distance mm 540 
Working range X mm 510 
Workign range Y mm 600
Working range Z mm 660 (A-axis)| 700 (B-axis) 
Axis Speed max. m/min 70 
Axis acceleration X/ Y/ Z  m/s
Axis acceleration X/Y/Z with speed package  m/s2 9
Rotary Axes
A-axis interference Ø max  mm Ø 800 
Workpiece\fixture width max mm  1230 
A-axis load max. kg  2x 450 
A-axis speed max. rpm  50
B-axis interfrence Ø max. mm  2 x Ø 535 
B-axis workpiece height max.  mm  750
B-axis surface Ø  mm  2x Ø 450
B-axis load max. kg  2 x 350 
B-axis speed max.   rpm 80
A/B-axis interference Ø max. mm  800 (A-axis)/2 x 535 (B-axis) 
A/B-axis workpiece height max.   mm  490
 B-axis surface Ø max. mm  2x Ø 400 
 A/B-axis load max. kg  2 x 200 
B-axis speed max. rpm 80
 Main Spindle
 Motor spindle (HSK-A63)  rpm 18 000/16 000/ 10 000 
Spindle power (40% ED) kW 42/52/39
Spindle torque (40% ED) Nm 67/123/180
Front bearing diameter mm Ø80
Motor spindle (HSK-A100) rpm -
Spindle power (40% ED) kW -
Spindle torque (40% ED) Nm -
Front bearing diameter mm -
Motor spindle (HSK-A100) rpm -
Spindle power (40% ED) kW -
Spindle torque (40% ED) Nm -
Front bearing diameter mm -
Motor spindle-draw bar spindle (HSK-A100) 1/min -
Spindle power (40% ED) kW -
Spindle torque (40% ED) Nm -
Front bearing diameter mm -